Will you journey with me?

Where Is God?

Christ’s beauty reflects on those who cry out to him in the hard times. We think we need to have it all together and exude the joy of salvation. But life gets in the way, we become broken, and question God’s goodness. Where is God when we’re suffering? 

Being a Christian doesn’t mean life is full of answered prayers. Following Christ means crying out to the Holy Spirit to fill you with his strength when you are completely depleted. Seeking God means inviting him into the mess and allowing him to nurse your wounds.

God’s presence is not a feeling. It’s an understanding through Biblical knowledge and our faith in him.

Running to Our Father

Life as a Christian is a journey to our ultimate destination – our Father’s Kingdom. The journey is unpredictable. God doesn’t expect us to always choose the right path. He doesn’t promise the road will be smooth. Sometimes we falter and wonder, where is God?, and that’s ok. He wants us to run to his loving arms. The alternative is to run away, leaving us wandering and alone. 

I want to help you in that journey, to come alongside you in your trials. 

Our Father calls to follow Him, to build His Kingdom and seek righteousness until we get to join Him in heaven. On this difficult path, Christ’s beauty shines on us when we seek him along the way.

Are you a writer?

If you are a writer, you need a website! Maybe you are ready to start a blog or you need a space to promote your book or speaking ministry. It can be overwhelming to get started. 

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2012 and really enjoy it. I would love to serve you as you take your ministry to the next level.